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Reward Scheme

As Kissika loves all its customers so much and appreciates your custom and loves to keep you happy, we have now got a reward scheme set up on the site so now for every £100 pounds you spend (before postage and packing) you will get  5%( £5) of the value put back to into your e-cart for you to spend next time you shop or simply save it all up to spend in one go!

You will need to register and sign up for this scheme and to benefit from this when you shop please make sure you are logged into your account every time you place your orders as we cannot adjust this afterwards.  If you use quick checkout without logging in we cannot add your purchase to your reward scheme afterwards.

When you pay by PayPal checkout please also make sure you are logged into your account before paying.

If we refund any items on your account your cash back will be adjusted accordingly.

So keep shopping with us and let us do the leg work while you sit at home and get Rewarded !