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About Us

Kissika is a London based Jewellery brand which can be best defined by its unique simplicity that is both stunning and quirky and all designed in 925 sterling silver and 18K gold plated jewellery.

Kissika's quirky range of fashion jewellery is all made of 925 sterling silver and 925 sterling silver gold plated bracelets and necklaces is perfectly formed and brilliantly simple.

It is a jewellery range that is not defined by a particular fashion trend, season or audience, but one which is defined by a style of life, designed with a love for jewellery, passion for life and an everlasting sense of wonder.

The essence of Kissika lies not only in its kookiness and its ability of its jewellery to add an edge to any outfit effortlessly but most importantly in that it represents jewellery with timeless beauty.

Samantha Park, creative director of Kissika, has always cherished things that have inspired creativity and essentially it was her love of inspiration that enabled her to produce the Kissika jewellery range. Samantha is a Free Spirit and this reflects in her work.

With sterling silver and gold plated necklaces displaying well known and favoured quotes such as ‘PS I Love You’ and ‘You Had Me At Hello’ in simple but effective designs, sterling silver and gold plated bracelets with cute single charms including a music note and a swallow, sterling silver and gold plated skull bracelets in a range of colours designed with macrame cord in the celebrity inspired shamballa style which have semi precious stones and CZ crystals on them.

A selection of beaded bracelets with a plaque in 925 sterling silver unveiling more inspirational quotes such as ‘Life Is What You Make Of It’, ‘ Never A Failure Always A Lesson’ and ‘Quitters Never Win Winners Never Quit’ and cheeky quotes such as ‘I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good’ and “Move Over Bitch I’m Coming Through’ all of which have the signature Kissika lip charm illustrates just how the Kissika jewellery range is the perfect fusion of quirky and simple.

Kissika's jewellery range will not only be a style staple because of it’s ability to add an edge to any outfit but also because it is accessible to all; a unisex range created not for those who love fashion jewellery but for those who have a of love life.

With its playful nature Kissika's jewellery range has already started integrating itself as a must have in the celebrity world.

With fans such as the talented artist Rita Ora, Talay Riley, the famously quirky Mika, footballer Shaun Wright-Phillips, young actor Lucien Laviscount and up and coming singer songwriter Edei Kissika jewellery is already being recognised as quality but quirky must have fashion jewellery.